artist's statement

Jim Grundy’s acrylic paintings are inspired by the relationship between the colours and patterns found in the natural and built environment. The compositions are developed using mathematical processes including symmetry, reflection and rotation. The interaction between chance and control is a significant factor in the development of each work. The chance element is to allow the painting to evolve and build up layers instinctively, letting gravity dictate the flow in a similar way to the process of sedimentation. The control element involves precise preliminary drawings usually mapped out on graph paper then projected and transferred onto the paint surface. In time the balance between the colour intensity, shape, size and texture of each element crystallises.

Travelling often provides the stimulus for new work. One series of paintings was drawn from the colours and rock formations of the great national parks in USA referencing pottery and textile designs. Similarly, floor and wall tile patterns, especially from the historic towns of Spain, have provided the catalyst for a series of paintings inspired by the distinctive colours of traditional Spanish houses.

A new series of paintings titled ‘Figures’ references the dual meaning of the word ‘figure’ as in the human figure and the use of the term in labelling diagrams. The inspiration is diagrams of historic costume patterns which render the human figure as measurements and cut out shapes. These designs enable him to inject the human presence into the landscape processes he harnesses in his work. In many ways the works can be seen as landscapes with human intervention. The areas of natural pigment bound with a medium form rivulets and accidental meanderings under the action of gravity. These areas contrast with fluid washes of paint and areas of intense dense colour which highlight the contrast between the natural and man made.

His paintings can appear to be in the tradition of hard edged geometric abstraction but the contrast between the fluid surfaces and areas of intense colour and their relationships are rooted in observation of the real world.

Jim studied Fine Art: Painting at Maidstone College of Art in the late 1970s. Alongside the development of his own practice he has had a parallel career in art installation and management which includes two decades work at the Tate Gallery, realising some extraordinary exhibitions of the world’s most inspiring artists. In his role as Head of the Art Handling department he also collaborated with architects on the design of galleries and art storage facilities, most notably Tate Modern and the Centenary Development at Tate Britain. He currently works at an international art shipping, installation and storage company where, in addition to managing museum exhibition and storage projects, he has project managed the development of five large scale museum standard storage facilities.

Jim has exhibited in solo and group shows as well as open studio shows in London. Most recently he has shown a selection of works at Olympia Fine Art, Red Dot Miami and Art Palm Beach art fairs in a collaboration with Steidel Fine Art. Most of his works are held in private collections.

selected exhibitions


Steidel Fine Art - Art Palm Beach


Steidel Fine Art – Red Dot Miami

Steidel Fine Art – Olympia Art Fair

Dulwich Festival - Open Studio


Friends Open exhibition, Dulwich Picture Gallery


Open studio, Dulwich Festival

Solo exhibition at Jeannie Avent Gallery


Open Studio, Dulwich Festival


Paintings by Sean McCracken, Rosey Briggs and Jim Grundy, Gallery 47


Tate staff exhibition, Morley Gallery

Artists in the Arts, John Jones Gallery


Solo exhibition, The Art Haus Gallery, Beckenham


Paintings by Graham Crowley, Peter Ellis and Jim Grundy, Galerie Dagmar, East Dulwich


Solo exhibition, Soho Poly Theatre Gallery


Open Studios, Norfolk House, Deptford

Solo exhibition, Maidstone College of Art Gallery

Jim Grundy, Jane Harris, Jiri Kratochvil and Victoria Moiseiwitsch: Paintings and Sculptures, Woodlands Art Gallery, Greenwich


Open Studios, Norfolk House, Deptford

Ten artists from Space Studios, South London Art Gallery


Space Studio Artists, Lewisham Concert Hall


Solo exhibition, Greenwich Theatre Art Gallery


Maidstone College of Art exhibition, Rye Art Gallery